Multi-platform travel app
For all major platforms — one code for web, iOS and Android. This is revolutionary.

App features
Search for flights
Get an access to the database of 15 billion connections virtually interlined by
Use our powerful infrastructure to book the trips and gain your commission - the best one in the industry.
Manage my booking
It allows your customers to modify the trip, edit passenger’s details or purchase additional services.
Payments allow your users to pay instantly for their bookings, right within your app.

Multiplatform app
multi-platform app
One codebase for iOS, Android and web. And with user experience like in native apps.
React logo
Developed with
modern technologies
React Native and GraphQL are battle-tested modern technologies for the best developer experience.
Open-source licence
API is free and
app is open-sourced
There are no fees. Not only we provide you with a free API, you can even collect your commission for each single booking coming through your app! Fork Margarita and use it for whatever.
Explore the most important part of Margarita – the code. Read the docs or fork repository for your own project.
See code on Github
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Read the docs
Live demo
You can try web version of Margarita directly from your browser. App is mobile friendly (but there are some issues: #810, #808) so you can try it also from your phone.
Try live demo
We created GraphQL proxy for our REST API which is called Tequila. So you can choose GraphQL or REST according to your preferences.
See GraphQL playgroundCheck Tequila REST API
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